4 Essential Conversion Rate Factors For your Business Website

Have you ever landed on a website that looked great – modern, clean professional…but ended up clicking back to check out a few more options?

This happens all the time and it’s a huge waste of traffic that could otherwise have been turned into a sale. In this article I’m going to discuss four simple ideas that when implemented will ensure that more of your traffic is converting to actual calls and sales.

Why is conversion rate optimization so important?

Whether you’re spending time, money, or both, every business spends big acquiring traffic. The return you get on this traffic is directly related to how well your business website converts traffic to inquiries. Pumping money into your marketing funnel while your website isn’t optimized to convert traffic into sales is like pumping premium fuel into a $500 car – it’s not going to give you much of a benefit relative to the cost.

So without further ado, here are our top 4 factors to consider when optimizing your website for higher conversions:

  1. Phone number.

    This might seem like a no-brainer, but the majority of business websites I see don’t have this right. You need your business phone number no just visible, but un-missable, on every page. The easiest way to do this is having it displayed prominently in the header.
    Requiring your customers to click through to a contact page, or find a number in small, unremarkable text will result in a measurable decrease in calls. Do it right, make that phone number massive!

  2. Contact Forms

    Some people really don’t like speaking on the phone. They’ll take your number down, but then put off calling and forget about it. Your business website needs to cater for both the talkers and the emailers. You should have a prominent contact form on your home page and contact page that potential customers can use to easily contact you via email.

  3. Call to actions

    Just building a nice looking business website with clearly visible contact methods might seem like it should be enough, but studies show that it’s not. People need to be prompted to get in touch. Adding some prominent call to actions encouraging your potential customers to take action immediately and give you a call or email will result in an increase in calls.
    Challenge your visitors to call immediately and not put off taking action that’s going to result in a benefit for them.

  4. Customer Focused Content

    Another big mistake we often see is that businesses talk about themselves far too much. Just like on a date, don’t forget to talk about the other person! People react much better when you’re outlining the benefits they receive than when you talk up your own skills and experiences.Your customer’s don’t care how good you are, and they don’t care how much experience you have. They care about whether they will get the benefit or outcome that they are expecting. Tell them what they are going to get, and what your service or product will do for them, then use information about your company such as experience, qualifications, etc to back up your claims rather than as the primary content.

If you’d like to see an example, go and take a look at Mortgage Hero. They are a home loan originator in Perth, Western Australia and their website is a great example of a strong focus on these four factors.