The Importance Of Regular Maintenance For Your Heavy Vehicles

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The success of your heavy commercial vehicles service company is partly pegged on having a vehicle that is functional, safe, and with an excellent operation longevity. All these are issues that are only achieved through regular maintenance of your heavy vehicles. The maintenance is more of preventive measures meant to shield your fleet from minor issues that can easily turn into large problematic expenses. This maintenance doesn’t have to cause a significant interruption to your business activities. Many companies offer a mobile truck repair service where their mechanic will come to you. Here are the main reasons why your heavy vehicles should get regular maintenance.

•    Cut Repair Costs

Overlooking the necessary expenditures as a means of minimizing the operating costs is nothing short of a flawed management practice, more so in a predominantly competitive industry such as the large commercial service sector. The value of your fleet of heavy vehicles will gradually depreciate, and this causes a decline in the overall operating capacity, and this involves ongoing repairs. However, if the various problems are noted early and address, then the overall operating capacity continues to flourish.

•    Extended Life Of Your Fleet

Delaying any repairs for will shorten your fleet’s life expectancy and subsequently that of your business. Putting off the smaller issues with your heavy vehicles can result in turning those simple problems into complex matters that make it expensive to repair the fleet or upgrade it to have high safety standards. Overlooking the maintenance and repairs may be a cost saving measure yet it also is one that may lead to the inevitable need to purchase new vehicles for your fleet, which only accounts for higher costs of operating. The regular maintenance will ensure your vehicles have a longer operation longevity which means an extend life for your company’s fleet.

•    Enhance Safety

Avoiding the most basic of regular heavy vehicle maintenance is a leading cause of hundreds of accidents. Accidents due to poor driving is one thing, and that associated with vehicle malfunction are two entirely different matters. Uneven or worn out tired treads, broken brakes and faulty lights are just some of the minor issues that can be found and addressed by ensuring the fleet gets regular maintenance services.

•    Optimize The Replacement Cycle

In as much as regular maintenance will play a significant role in extending the fleet’s life, the continued use of the vehicles will gradually wear them down and thus the need to have some replaced. However, the maintenance services will significantly extend the replacement cycle while limiting nonessential downtime, all of which are elements that lead to loss of revenue.

•    Better Productivity Gains

Your vehicles are your most valuable assets that account for a huge percentage of the business’ revenue stream hence then need to ensure they are properly taken care of. Doing this will increase the level of operation efficiency and therein the productivity gains. The regular maintenance series will ensure there are better and more efficient internal processes and flawless execution of all transportation procedures.

The above reason collectively sums up one resounding benefit, that of running a business at optimal capacity while being able to save money by avoiding some avoidable expenses. Moreover, the law expressly demands that regular maintenance be an integral part of running such a business.

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How to Choose the Right Sea Freight Company

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There are times when shipping freight by sea is better than any other solution. However, you need to be extremely careful when you choose your sea freight company, because your decision is going to influence the way your stuff will arrive at its destination.

First of all, you have to be aware that accidents happen, no matter how safe the ship may be. This is why you should always make sure you have good insurance coverage for the event your freight is going to end up on the bottom of the ocean. The best sea freight companies are the ones that buy extensive insurance coverage, giving their clients the peace of mind that they won’t lose money, should their goods get damaged during transportation.

Ocean Freight is Cheaper

Sea freight is cheaper than air freight, and it’s easy to understand why. However, this doesn’t mean sea freight isn’t as good or as reliable as air freight. The only difference is that shipping by sea takes much longer than shipping by air. If time is not an issue, you should be happy to pay lower transportation fees, but without endangering the integrity of your goods.


The type of cargo you need to ship is going to influence your choice. Besides, if you need special import or export licenses, you should probably try to find a company that can help you with the paperwork. Similarly, if you need repacking services, the right sea freight company is going to be the one able to deliver you these extra services at a reasonable cost.


This is why it’s very hard to choose a sea freight company without taking into consideration the specific details of the goods to be shipped and of the final destination of your cargo. The best way to start searching for shipping providers is by putting together a detailed list of specifications and special requirements, and only after that see what companies can comply. Prices are also important, but you shouldn’t start your search by asking for the lowest fee, as things are way more complex than this. It is possible that some companies offer you room inside a shared container, thus being able to lower your transportation costs. Such opportunities may only be available for short periods of time, therefore you have to be ready to take advantage of such an opportunity when you encounter it.

Make sure they have the experience you need

Last but not least, when choosing your sea freight company, you need to make sure they have the experience you need. For instance, if you need to transport perishables, you may want to find someone who has a wealth of experience in this type of cargo. Various destinations require specific conditions and transport documents. This is why you should try to choose a company that knows how to deal with your specific destination, in order to avoid further problems with customs clearance and other such details. If you do your homework well, your cargo is going to arrive at its destination without major incidents.

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The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Transport Equipment

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When it comes to attaining any equipment including commercial transport equipment, businesses must decide whether to purchase the equipment or just rent it. The decision is based on, among other factors the needs of the particular businesses and their financial standing.

Nonetheless, more and more businesses are finding it much more beneficial to just rent their equipment, especially in the case of transport equipment. Herein, we explore some of the main benefits that businesses experience by leasing the transport resource.

Considerably Low Up-Front Financial Commitment

Whether a business opts to acquire their transportation assets through an operating lease or through a capital lease, the initial financial burden of the acquiring the equipment is considerably low especially when compared to an up-front purchase of the same.

The nature of leasing equipment means that businesses do not have to fork out the huge sums of money that are required to purchase any transportation equipment. A leasing situation is particularly advantageous to businesses that do not have a strong financial standing to purchase their own equipment as it enables them to evenly spread the cost of the transport equipment over a long period of time.

Leasing Improves A Business’ Operational Capability And Flexibility

Leasing also allows businesses to fill the gaps that exist in their transportation requirements. For many businesses, there are situations that are better handled by more specialized equipment which is only needed for a few months. In such cases, businesses can lease the equipment as opposed to purchasing thus improving their operations capabilities and flexibility.

Leasing Equipment Give Business Enterprises Access To High-Quality Equipment

One characteristic of most leasing processes is to seek the best deal in the market. As such, many businesses will go for the highest quality equipment. The same case does not apply with regards to purchasing, whereby affordability heavily influences the kind of equipment a business finally settles on.

Ease Of Upgrading and Scaling

When it comes to leasing transport equipment, it is very easy to upgrade to the best solution available in the market as the better and more efficient technology emerges over time. Since the equipment is not company owned, it is easy to change from one solution to another. On the other hand upgrading purchased equipment means that you have to liquidate any existing transport solution you have before purchasing the upgraded solution. This takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

Flexible Terms of Acquisition

It is typical for leasing terms to be far better and easier than financing terms associated with purchasing transport equipment. This further reduces the effort that goes into attaining the equipment, making for a tremendously easy process.

Tax Deductible

In some cases, leasing transport equipment might be more cost effective due to the fact that the cost of leasing is, more often than not deducted as a business cost. This lower the overall cost of attaining a particular transportation solution.

While these are the most notable benefits of leasing transport equipment, there are other benefits that are specific to every business.

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5 reasons to start business in Australia

Australia has become a favorite destination for many businesses now. Here are the reasons why you should start your business in Australia.

Good buying power

Recent studies have indicated that digital buyer spending in Australia is highest in the Asia Pacific market. If you have the right business strategy and can provide buyers some good incentives to shop, then you will make huge revenue in Australia.

Good consumer dynamics

Australian market provides a comfortable cultural fit for North American companies. They have similar language and cultural values. You won’t need to make much effort in your sales approaches to reach the Australian consumers. 94% of Australian population is connected to the Internet. There is huge opportunity out there to sell goods and develop your brand.

Huge market opportunity

Because of its remote location, Australia is a little behind in terms of technology. It’s e-Commerce revolution is a bit slower compared to other countries. This has created huge opportunity for e-Commerce retailers.

Easy to satisfy customers

Australians were deprived of many things, such as variety of products, shipping speed, etc. They didn’t have so many options available to them before. Sometimes goods are shipped from US to Asia first, before reaching Australia. So, buyers are keen to buy goods that give them lots of options and arrive fast.

Easy to set up business

If you have the right partner, then it’s not difficult to set up business in Australia. Australia has all the necessary logistics required to set up a new business.

It is a big decision to start your business in a new country. But with the rapidly growing market, Australia can be an excellent destination for your startup business.

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3 crucial tips on starting your own business

It is challenging to leave your career and start your own business. The journey can be surprising, terrifying and exciting as well. Here are some crucial tips for starting your own business.

1. Create a vision and roadmap

You need to have a solid business plan when you start. At the same time, you must have a clear and descriptive vision. You must then create a roadmap which will include how you plan to grow your business, what are the benchmarks for success, etc. A roadmap will help you to keep yourself in the right direction and make you move forward. You should know clearly where you want to go.

2. Believe in yourself

Confidence and self-esteem are the keys to success. You must always have the ‘can-do’ and ‘never give up’ attitude. When starting a business, you will have many ups and downs. When you have a rough day, you must relax and start again the next day with full energy. You should have the burning desire to keep moving forward. Your own supportive voice will become your best friend in this roller coaster journey. There will be people around you who will try to discourage or distract you. Just believe in yourself and move forward.

3. Surround yourself with supporters

You need to surround yourself with positive supporters. Starting your own business is challenging and it would be nice to have people next to you who will support you in your new venture. You should find a mentor or a mastermind group to share your vision with. You should try to receive support from your family members. Their support will make you stronger and get you closer to your dream.

When a clear vision comes along with belief in yourself and support from your family and friends, there is no chance that your venture will fail. There will be mistakes, but try to learn from these mistakes. Always try to move forward no matter what obstacles there may be. Success will be at your doors in no time.

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4 most valuable startups of Silicon Valley

Technology startups have seen huge success in recent years. In the past $1 billion valuation for a tech start up was considered to be a huge success. But with so many startups reaching this mark, the threshold has now been raised to $5 billion. Here are some of the most valuable startups of Silicon Valley.

Uber: $51 billion

Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick in 2009. The company developed an app for calling taxi. Using this app, the users can connect to the drivers of taxis. Uber offers different kinds of cars to for users. Users can call taxis of their choice; small cars or luxurious ones. Using Uber, the user gets connected to the nearest taxi driver so that the travel time is reduced. No cash is paid to the taxi drivers. They all have a Uber account and the taxi fare is deducted from their Uber account. This service has gained huge popularity recently. Companies like Google Ventures, Benchmark Capital, etc. have invested their money on this company.

Xiaomi: $46 billion

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Jun Lei. It is now considered to be one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of smartphones. These smartphones run very well on Android. Big investors like DST Global, Digital Sky Technologies, etc. have invested their money on this company.

Airbnb: $25.5 billion

Founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Airbnb offers a marketplace for people to rent their houses for temporary stay. This marketplace is now available in 190 countries. Investors like Anderssen Horowitz and Founders Fund have invested in this company.

Dropbox: $10 billion

Dropbox is now used by more than 25 million users across the globe to store and access their files. Investors like Y Combinator and Accel Partners have invested in this company.

The level of competition has increased among the tech startups. The success of the companies just mentioned will inspire the new startups to succeed in their ventures as well.

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